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K&N air intakes

K&N air intakes

All automotive engines suck in air through the factory air intake system. This system is designed to pull in air to provide for the engine. K&N air intakes replace the factory intake system and improve both performance and engine efficiency. Their products will produce more power for the vehicle and create better fuel mileage. K&N air intakes are available for every vehicle on the road and are a direct replacement, making for easy installation. K&N offers both cold air intake and short ram air intake systems.

Air is necessary for any automotive engine. Oxygen is needed to burn fuel. If the engine receives less oxygen, it will burn less fuel and vice versa. K&N air intakes provide more air for the engine to breathe in which relates to burning more fuel. Burning more fuel will create more power. When the engine can run more efficient, it will provide better gas mileage. The factory intake is restrictive and does not provide enough air flow for the engine. K&N air intakes replace the factory one and consist of an aluminum tube with a filter on the end. A cold air intake will promote the best air flow for any vehicle.

The most popular is the cold air intake. This K&N intake system receives its name by the location of where it is installed. The cold air intake sucks in cool air from below the vehicle. This air intake system extends at the bottom of the front bumper using aluminum tubing. The tubing is enhances air flow because there are no welds to restrict flow. K&N air intakes come with their filters as well. Their filters provide the best flow and minimize any particles that may get through. The engine needs clean and cool air in order to perform at its best.

An engine performs better with cooler air because the air is denser. More oxygen is found in cooler air which will benefit the engine. K&N air intakes provide cool air and faster flow. The cold air intake is much better than a short ram intake because of this specific reason. Any short ram intake sits just to the side of the engine. The closer the filter is to the engine, the more heat soak it will promote. Heat soak is when the filter sucks in hot air from around the engine. The engine creates heat from its various moving parts. The cold air intake sits much further away from the engine and does not suffer like a short ram does.

Replacing the factory automotive air intake system with a cold air intake from K&N will produce additional power. Each vehicle is different but all will see a boost in horsepower. Some enthusiasts like the sound of a cold air intake as well. It will be louder as the RPMs climb and presents a nice growl. The cold air intake is common among most enthusiasts because it is inexpensive and easy to install. It can be done by anyone who possesses minimal mechanical skills.

Adding performance parts to your vehicle will not void the factory warranty. This is a common thought among some people. K&N air intakes will not void any such warranty. They are completely street legal and will pass inspection as well. They have been tested by the company to comply with all emission standards.

A downside to a cold air intake is its location. Although it benefits the engine, it can cause water damage. Since the cold air intake sits just inside the bottom of the front bumper, flooded areas will pose a major threat. If water is sucked into the cold air intake, the engine will seize. The engine would then need to be replaced. A bypass valve can be used to solve this problem. Most cars are not high enough to drive through flooded areas, so this may not be an issue. Every K&N intake system comes with a lifetime warranty which is appealing. Adding a cold air intake system is the first step in performance for any vehicle. Adding other performance parts will free up more horsepower.