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K&N Air Intakes

K&N air intakes

Upgrading performance for any vehicle starts off with a performance intake. K&N air intakes offer the best systems for nearly every vehicle. The air intake is a system that allows air to flow into the engine. At the end of the intake is a filter, which cleans the air and traps any harmful contaminants before it enters the engine. This performance upgrade will produce extra horsepower, fuel efficiency and a deeper sound when stepping on the pedal.

Looking at your vehicle's factory intake, you can understand why an aftermarket air intake is a good idea. The stock air intake is very restrictive due to the various bends and bad location. With so many bends, the air has trouble finding its way to the engine quickly. This trouble will lead to a decrease in engine performance and fuel efficiency. Air should flow through the system without a hitch in order to provide constant flow.

Replacing the entire air intake system provides an increase in horsepower. K&N air intakes consist of a replacement tube, filter and the necessary hardware to install. The intake tube is a one-piece design that is designed for the best possible air flow. There are no major bends that have a chance of restricting air flow. The whole idea behind the design is to make it as smooth as possible. K&N air intakes come with their widely recognized air filter as well. Combing the air filter with their air intake makes for a very good upgrade.

Another issue that is consistent with most factory intakes is the placement. Any parts are near the engine can become very hot. The factory one suffers from heat soak. Heat soak is when the tubing is so hot that it affects the air coming through. Hot air is no good for any automotive engine. It will have to work much harder. When en engine receives cooler air, it performs much better. K&N air intakes have aluminum tubes that are coated to prevent it from becoming too hot.

Two styles of products are offered - cold air intake and short ram intake. These two are very different in how they are installed, the sound they provide and the area in which they pull air in. The short ram intake is closer to the engine and falls victim to heat soak. With that said, it does still provide the engine with better air flow over the factory intake. The shorter one also has a louder sound to it when getting on the gas pedal. To help with the heat soak, K&N air intakes provide a heat shield to protect the filter.

A longer and more efficient air intake is the cold air intake. This system is found more towards the bottom of the front bumper. In this location, the air intake can provide cooler air. It is installed far enough away from the engine in which it does not experience any heat soak. This air intake is quitter than the shorter one and can produce more horsepower. If you live in low lying areas where floods occur, you may want to stay away from this intake. Since it sits so low, it has the possibility of sucking in water when going through a puddle. The short ram intake would be a better choice.

Their products also install using the factory mounting holes. This air intake can be installed in under an hour by someone who is relatively mechanically inclined. K&N air intakes are specific for each vehicle which make them fit like a glove. Do not bother with a cheap universal air intake that will actually decrease your engine's performance. They also require modification and cutting in order for them to fit.

These performance parts look very well under the hood. The K&N air intakes are available in a few colors to accent the engine bay. When you open the hood, people will see that you are a true enthusiast with the K&N logo sitting on the intake. The design of the air intake will blow others away. They will ditch their current air intake and go purchase one from K&N.