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K&N Truck Intakes

K&N truck intakes

Diesel trucks have high powered engines that will free up even more horsepower when using a K&N truck intake. Their engines are designed for heavy loads and high towing capacity. The K&N diesel intake will take that engine and provide greater air flow at a higher rate. Their truck intake is guaranteed to make enormous horsepower gains. In some cases, certain trucks have added 20 horsepower. This performance intake includes their performance filter which blocks harmful contaminants better than any other filter.

The great thing about a K&N intake is the ability to work properly without an engine tune. Aftermarket engine management is often needed on a diesel truck intake to mate the part with the engine. K&N filters have made it very easy to install the intake and drive away. The K&N diesel intake uses black polyurethane tubes that deliver the best power and offer the most flexibility.

You will not have to worry if these intakes are legal either. All K&N filters products are 50 states legal and will pass emissions. Many other products must be taken off before going through inspection.

Their K&N diesel filter that is included will also add some performance power. Up to 4 additional horsepower can be seen with their specific filters. You wouldn't expect so much from just a small part. They are also inexpensive as well. Performance parts such as exhausts and headers are costly. An air intake is both easy to install and cost effective.

Don't even worry about cleaning the filter for quite some time. These performance auto parts can last for up to 100,000 miles before cleaning. The special media they use will continue to trap contaminants as good as day one.