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K&N air intakes at discounted price

The location of any automotive air intake is crucial to its performance and how well it delivers air to the engine. The K&N intake system replaces the factory air intake while adding increased performance and engine efficiency. K&N air intakes offer both short ram intakes and cold air intakes depending on your specific vehicle. Each one is installed in a different location and grabs air for the engine from different areas. The cold air intake is longer and takes more time to install, but it much better than the shorter one.

The factory air intake system is in the best location possible. It sits right behind the front bumper and sucks in the incoming air. Although in the best spot, it does not provide the best airflow. The K&N intake system replaces this part with a much better tubing system. The factory one has many bends and air cannot travel freely. The K&N intake system is an aluminum pipe with a filter on the end of it. This aluminum pipe has no restrictions on the inside which allows the engine to see an increase in air flow.

Air can sometimes have trouble finding its way to the engine. The design of some front bumpers does not allow much air to flow through. This makes the engine struggle. The lower grill of any front bumper is the ideal sport for air to flow. The K&N intake system pulls its air from this location. The air filter is located just inside the bumper. This is the best spot for cooler air. There is too much hot air around the engine, which is why they have designed the K&N intake system to be routed just inside the bumper.

For even better air flow, some high performance race vehicles will take out their left front headlight which sends direct air flow straight to the K&N intake system. This is ideal for drag race vehicles that need that added air. Some will also notch a hole in their bumper or their hood. Drag vehicles aren't all about looks. They only care about what is under the hood. K&N air intakes are great for high performance vehicles.

Installation of the K&N intake system is fairly simple. The biggest task is ripping the factory intake system out. This can sometimes require front bumper removal, fender liner removal, and sometimes the left front wheel removal. After that, K&N air intakes bolt to the factory mounting locations. You will not need to run to the hardware store, either. Any K&N intake system comes with all required hardware.

The biggest different of K&N air intakes from others is their design. The shorter intakes are supplied with a heat shield. No other companies have this feature. Since the shorter design is mounted near the engine, the intake can suffer from heat soak. The heat shield prevents heat soak around the filter and keeps the temperatures cooler. This design is what makes the K&N intake system so appealing.

Polished silver and powder coated black are two colors offered in the K&N intake system. Both protect from any rust or corrosion that may occur. Due to the intake being in the engine bay, this area sees constant debris and harmful contaminates. This is why filters must be used for any air entering the engine. K&N air intakes are specifically made for each vehicle and look great under the hood. They provide the needed power and look great while doing it.

The sound of the K&N intake system is just right. It creates a rumble at low speeds and increases as the vehicle goes into the higher RPMs. The shorter intake has a much louder sound than the longer one. This is because of the length. K&N air intakes are better sounding than any other aftermarket air intake. Adding a K&N intake system is the first step to obtaining the sound you want from your vehicle.

Service intervals are extended as well the K&N air intakes. The filters that are supplied with the K&N intake system are the highest quality around. They can last up to 100,000 miles without being cleaned. Quit using the paper cone filter and switch to the K&N air filter. Your engine will appreciate it.