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Air filter heat shield

Weapon R intake system

The air filter heat shield from Weapon R will protect your dragon air filter from heat soak which can happen with short ram intakes. This bolts directly to your Weapon R air filter for a tight and secure fit. Weapon R designs them from heat resistant plastic so it can maintain a cool temperature and protect the air filter from excessive heat soak.

When an air filter suffers from heat soak, it will bog down the engine and be detrimental to its performance. Weapon R prevents against heat soak as much as possible through their cold ram air shield. The shield will also work with the Weapon R ram air kit and attaches directly to it for easy installation. When the engine is fed cool air, it will perform at its best.

The air filter heat shield also protects from larger objects that may come into contact with the filter. The plastic that Weapon R makes them from is strong enough to resist against small objects and maintain its durability. This Weapon R product also comes in various colors which accent the engine bay like blue, red, chrome, yellow and clear. Each one of these colors brings a different look to your engine bay and will look great at the car show.

You will not have to worry about this product from Weapon R falling off either since it makes a perfect fit for their Dragon air filters as it bolts directly onto the filter with the supplied hardware. Using this with your other Weapon R products will enhance the engine's performance even more and boost its horsepower.