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Weapon R Coilovers

Weapon R intake system

Being able to adjust the height of your vehicle is beneficial for many reasons including weather conditions and the road surfaces where you drive the most. Weapon R coilovers allow for complete adjustment and include the circuit coilover kit and super tuner coilover kit. Weapon R brings fun to your vehicle and gives it an aggressive look with increased handling capabilities.

Unlike lowering springs, Weapon R designs their adjustable coilovers to lower and raise your vehicle depending on the look you want. They can be raised to factory height during the winter and then lowered back down during the summer months. Weapon R also powder coats them so there is no chance of road debris and harmful contaminants affecting their performance. They also look great behind your aftermarket wheels and add to the overall appearance.

Weapon R gives them a spring-rate pre-set so once you install them, they are good to go and do not need any breaking in. This is to ensure that the each part performs that same on each corner of the vehicle. Weapon R coilovers are each application specific as well and you will not have any problems installing them.

Lowering your car is perfect for both increased handling and an aggressive stance. Having the ability to dial in your suspension and get it just right for the track is also extremely easy with this setup from Weapon R. If you have smaller wheels that make the gap larger between the wheel and fender, using this product from Weapon R will decrease this gap and bring the fender much closer to the wheel.