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Coolant Catch Can

Weapon R intake system

During high performance driving like on the race track, your fluids heat up very fast and expand. When they expand, the fluids will overflow and make a mess on the racetrack. Weapon R has designed their coolant catch can to act as a reservoir for these fluids that overflow, specifically for your engine coolant. Each one of these is different since Weapon R makes them specific for your vehicle so it uses the existing bolt holes.

This Weapon R coolant catch can is the best way for containing your engine coolant so it does not end up all over the track. It serves a great purpose and looks appealing inside your engine bay since Weapon R designs it from aluminum. The aluminum catch can resists against corrosion and other chemicals so you can experience quality fluid control for many years of going down the track.

The coolant overflow reservoir also protects your other engine components from becoming covered in coolant which will be a pain to clean off. Weapon R keeps your engine bay clean when you use their product so you can open the hood to show it off and not worry about it being covered in coolant.

Weapon R has also designed it with a viewer so you can see exactly how much coolant the tank is currently holding. This is ideal so you do not have to guess how much fluid is in there. Weapon R makes it easy to install and remove so once it reaches a certain level, all you need to do is unbolt it, empty it and put it back in place.