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Weapon R Downpipe

Weapon R intake system

The factory exhaust downpipe is extremely restrictive and does not allow your engine to breathe properly. The Weapon R downpipe is made much larger than your current one so that exhaust fumes can flow through the system much easier. Weapon R has designed them for a perfect fit and will not interfere with surrounding components. Weapon R makes them from stainless steel as well so they will not rust from the outside elements.

Making sure your engine can breathe through the exhaust not only benefits the engine, but it also plays a huge role in gas mileage and power. Weapon R frees up the exhaust gases so there are no restrictions which reduces engine power and lowers your gas mileage. The obvious upgrade is switching to an aftermarket cat-back exhaust, but this only solves the back-end problems. The Weapon R downpipe is essential since it is at the front of the engine and where exhaust gases first start out.

It also has a CNC machined flange which allows it to mate up to your other exhaust components for a perfect fit. Weapon R has also TIG welded it so there is no chance of the component cracking under extreme conditions. Weapon R makes sure that there will never be any exhaust leaks which are very detrimental to your engine's performance as well.

Each of these components fits perfect around your other engine parts as well. Weapon R has engineered them for a custom-fit so they do not come into contact with your lower arm bars or other suspension components. Weapon R exhaust components will also give your car an enhanced sound which is an added bonus.