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Weapon-R Exhaust

Weapon R intake system

Upgrading your existing exhaust to something from Weapon R will create for more performance, enhanced sound and a better appearance. Weapon R exhaust components are produced in many different items like test pipes, universal mufflers and race headers. Each of these items from Weapon R directly replaces your current part to improve the performance of your engine. Weapon R has designed their exhaust components to stand out from the competition through quality and durability.

The factory exhaust components of your car are very restrictive and do not provide any improved performance gains. Weapon R has designed all of their parts to improve the performance and look of your system by freeing up exhaust gases that are being emitted. Your system can either benefit from test pipes for extreme racing or a universal muffler for enhanced looks, sound and slight power. Weapon R parts will last longer as well and resist against any chance of corrosion.

Headers and downpipe kits will provide even more power than just a muffler and give your vehicle that race sound you want. Made bigger and more efficient than factory, Weapon R products really prove themselves and what they bring to your vehicle. Your undersized downpipe and headers restrict exhaust gases which decreases engine performance.

All of Weapon R parts are very easy to install since most of them are specific for your application. Weapon R has designed the look of their products to stand out from the rest and not blend in. Weapon R exhaust components is a great example of this as they can be used in car shows since they look so well.