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G Spec Floor Mats

Weapon R intake system

These are not your typical universal floor mats from Weapon R because they actually stay in place to keep your carpets clean and they also look even better. Their G spec floor mats come in a set of 4 to protect the front and rear portions of your vehicle so your carpets will be protected even if you have passengers. Even though they are universal, Weapon R designs them to fit every vehicle and protect nearly all areas of the carpet.

Most universal floor protection products do not fit well and tend to slide all over the floor while driving since the underside is smooth. You do not have to worry about this when you use the Weapon R G spec floor mats since they are designed with a non-slip backing to stay in place. This means that your carpets will always be protected no matter what type of driving you do.

Weapon R designs them with a checkerboard look which will match any interior and are available in red, yellow and black. They add a unique style to any vehicle looking to accent their vehicle's interior for the upcoming car show. Many floor protection products are one color, but these from Weapon R combine two colors and give great contrast to your sport compact vehicle.

The black-stitched edge actually holds up much better than your current OEM mats as well and will not fray from too much abuse. Weapon R makes them from nylon and not carpet which all factory mats are made from. Carpet cannot handle abuse like nylon can, which is why this Weapon R product outlasts any OEM one.