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Weapon R Headers

Weapon R intake system

Increasing horsepower and torque for your engine is done by adding Weapon R headers. Weapon R designs them to be bigger and more efficient than your current factory ones, which do not promote power at all. They are designed simply to carry out the exhaust gases in an efficient manner. Weapon R engineers them for a perfect fit every time so they will not need modifications once installed. This Weapon R component is made from stainless steel to resist rust and maintain performance.

Their free-flowing race headers add a significant amount of power and torque to your engine that nothing else can compare to. Weapon R makes them ideal for high RPM race engines that need extreme power and are not concerned with the noise level since they can be a bit loud. Weapon R designs them with longer primary tubes which enhance the added power. Weapon R headers, however, are not intended for use with a catalytic converter and are only mean for use without the cat or with test pipes.

The entire system is completely polished from Weapon R which also gives the engine bay a show car shine. Weapon R uses mandrel bends and TIG welds on their exhaust components so no leaks can ever occur. When an exhaust component leaks, it will have a negative effect on gas mileage and engine performance.

Giving the exhaust gases an efficient way of leaving the engine is optimal for engine performance and longevity. Switch to Weapon R products if you want increased horsepower and torque along with an enhanced sound for your race vehicle. Upgrading to Weapon R test pipes in place of the catalytic converter will also improve horsepower and torque.