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Ignition equalizer system

Weapon R intake system

Better throttle response, gas mileage and power are all gained when you install the ignition equalizer kit from Weapon R. It is designed to be placed over your existing coil packs and then grounded to the chassis of the vehicle which enhances ignition spark. Weapon R engineers this system for many types of vehicles who want to increase their engine's performance for either daily driving or weekends at the track.

Outside of replacing your spark plugs and spark wires, there are not many affordable upgrades to get more spark to your engine. Weapon R is an exception to this and their system is extremely inexpensive for the job that it does for your ignition. Essentially, it is a metal bar that is grounded to make sure there is more spark going to your ignition coils. If you have weak spark plug wires, this Weapon R system will negate that and increase the spark so your engine can perform at its best.

The ignition booster from Weapon R is very easy to install and just requires the use of a few hand tools to get the job down. It is not nearly as in depth as replacing your ignition system which should only be done by a professional. Weapon R has made it possible for the average person to install this and experience the benefits immediately.

The 8-gauage ground wire that connects the aluminum plate to the chassis is thick enough to handle the additional voltage that it is supplying the coil pack with and will not short out or melt. The Weapon R ignition equalizer system is specific for each engine as well and fits perfect over the coil packs.