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Weapon R Intake Manifolds

Weapon R intake system

Your car engine's intake manifold works like lungs do in the human body and are essential for getting us oxygen. If you have ever had weak lungs, you know how difficult it is to breathe, but once they are clear, you can breathe like normal again. Well, Weapon R does just that and allows your engine to breathe easier. Weapon R designs their engine inlet manifold as an OEM replacement for your current one so it can deliver air faster and more efficiently for your high performance engine.

A car driven under normal conditions might not need an upgrade intake manifold, but one that does high performance racing will greatly benefit from this Weapon R component. If you have ever done some form of cardio or athletic sport, the more you push yourself, the harder it is to breathe. This relates exactly to how your engine's manifold works and if it is pushed to the limit, it must supply the engine with more air so it can perform better. Weapon R designs theirs with bigger pipes and a velocity stack that creates more air flow.

However, since this Weapon R component is visible in the engine bay, it must look good. The lungs in our body do not have a show-car shine like this auto part does and it will stand out at any car show. Weapon R hand polishes them which also prevents corrosion and any harmful chemicals from damaging the part. Exhaust leaks are a killer for any high performance vehicle, but Weapon R has TIG welded the seams to prevent any such thing from happening. The engine needs more air to mix with the fuel to keep it running smooth and Weapon R does not disappoint.