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Weapon-R Intakes

Weapon R intake system

There are a few different styles of performance intakes that Weapon R produces and each one looks great under your hood while providing your engine with more power. Weapon R designs their Neo Ti intake, dragon intake, ram air kit and secret weapon intake for a wide variety of applications. Each one brings a different look and way of getting more air to your engine.

Each part from Weapon R is strategically designed to provide your engine with more air while looking great. Not only can they be used on the street or track, but Weapon R makes them unique which allows them to stand out at the car show. Weapon R intakes are known for their styling that sets them apart from other auto parts. They are very easy to install and specific for each applications.

Both import and domestic vehicle can benefit from Weapon R intakes since there are so many applications. Weapon R also continues to improve on their parts and creates new ones daily for vehicles that are new to the market. Whether you have a vehicle that needs more power or you are simply looking for a show piece, Weapon R can do both for you.

Upgrading the intake is one of the first modifications that should be done to any performance vehicle since it supplies more air to the engine. Weapon R parts are very affordable for the job that they do and will last an extremely long time. Weapon R also makes CARB legal parts which are beneficial to those living out in California. Get all your intake needs from Weapon R to take your car to the next level of performance.