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Weapon R Intercooler Pipes

Weapon R intake system

Increasing the airflow to and from your intercooler will allow your factory turbo to boost much quicker which relates to faster and more power. Weapon R intercooler pipes also enhance the engine bay area with their polished aluminum pipes and quality welds. Weapon R makes them specifically for vehicles with a factory turbocharger and include all the hardware necessary to install.

Factory intercooler pipes are not designed to increase power, but are only designed to handle so much cool air. Weapon R has engineered their kit with much larger piping so cooler air can be transferred much faster which relates to more power. Weapon R pipes also give the turbo a higher boost pressure than your OEM pipes which are extremely restrictive. Increasing the air flow in this area will increase gains of up to 15 additional horsepower.

Turbo lag is a major issue for vehicle with factory turbochargers since the turbo needs to spool up before it delivers the additional power. Weapon R intercooler pipe kits deliver cooler air faster so that there is no turbo lag and the driver can feel immediate power. Having to wait for power limits the performance of the vehicle which is not something the driver wants.

Designed in both aluminum and NEO Ti, Weapon R makes them to stand out in your engine bay so they will look great at the car show. You can show off the nice set of intercooler pipes that incorporate both performance and looks. The strong TIG welds associated with each kit also prevents any leaks so pressure and cool air is never lost.