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MAF Adapter

Weapon R intake system

The factory intake on every vehicle has a mass airflow sensor which is a computer that monitors airflow into the engine. This inlet is often very small and does not accommodate larger intake pipes if you want something aftermarket. Weapon R has made their MAF adapter to mate with the factory inlet and retain the factory mass airflow sensor. Removing the factory inlet all together would trigger a dash light to come on which does not happen when you use the Weapon R product.

The Weapon R mass airflow adapter comes in a larger size so you can mate a bigger pipe to it, whether it is a larger intake, bigger air cleaner or a water-resistant snorkel. All of these components will allow for increased airflow while still allowing the sensor to monitor this procedure. Your car would run very erratic if you removed the MAF sensor as well since it cannot monitor and regular incoming airflow. Weapon R makes them specific to your current manifold inlet so there will be no modifications when you install it.

This information that the MAF sensor receives is what balances and delivers the proper amount of fuel mass to the engine. The Weapon R MAF adapter allows users to retain the sensor without it hindering performance. It is made from a hardened plastic so it can resist against corrosion under the hood and withstand the high temperatures associated within the engine bay.

Using this performance auto part from Weapon R will allow for increased airflow for your engine which will optimize performance. Bigger intakes are essential for high performance vehicles, especially those with forced induction.