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Master Cylinder Brace

Weapon R intake system

The more spirited driving you do, the more your brake master cylinder moves around and it will be play a role in your braking ability. Weapon R has designed their master cylinder brace to keep this component from moving and shifting while you are driving at high speeds. Weapon R has engineered it using many of the factory mounting bolts so installation is a breeze and it will make for a perfect fit.

Certain vehicles like the Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evolution can benefit from this Weapon R product the most since they are intended for rally and off-road racing in which the master cylinder flexes the most. The Weapon R brake master cylinder strap is crucial in these situations because it allows for maximum braking. When the brake cylinder flexes and shifts, it takes away some of the braking power that the car needs on tight turns and twists. Your brake pedal will always be firm when you strap the master cylinder with this Weapon R component.

The master cylinder brace from Weapon R holds your brake master cylinder tight and it will not shift one bit under the most extreme conditions. It will allow the driver to use the car's brakes at all times and not worry about brake fade or the car not stopping in the right amount of time. This can also be related to street driving and sometimes sudden stops are needed. Weapon R engineers it from high strength steel so it has no chance of cracking of breaking and will keep your brake master cylinder in place at all times.