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Weapon-R Intake

Weapon-R short ram intake

Not every aftermarket air intake is designed the same. They are all made from different materials and will handle air and heat different. Performance air intakes are typically designed using aluminum tubing which is light and allows for maximum air flow. Other automotive air intakes use rubber, plastic, silicone and sometimes carbon fiber tubing. They all have their advantages and disadvantages and all offer different sounds as well. Weapon-R intakes use aluminum tubing and are available in a few different colors.

The best material for an air intake is anything that is heat resistant, does not limit air flow and can withstand the outside elements. These are the three major concerns for all automotive air intakes. The factory air intake does not fall into this category because it restricts the incoming air. Weapon-R intakes are designed to increase the air flow and prevent any corrosion. Both the short ram intake and cold air intake increase air flow, but do it in different ways.

Rubber and silicone intake tubing performs just as well as any other material, but is not offered by many companies because it is more expensive to make. Most enthusiasts aren't willing to shell out the extra money for something that performs just as well as a cheaper intake. Weapon-R performance parts are very affordable and used by many tuners. The Weapon-R intake can produce increased horsepower, torque and gas mileage making for a very appealing product.