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Power Steering Reservoir Tank

Weapon R intake system

Weapon R makes their performance auto parts extremely appealing and that is why so many tuners use their products. The Weapon R power steering reservoir tank is no exception to this and replaces your current factory one to give the engine bay a better look. You can really trick out your engine bay when you use this product along with other products from Weapon R that are perfect for both show and go.

Factory engine parts are not designed to be that appealing and are solely focused on doing a specific job, whatever that may be. Weapon R engineers their aluminum power steering tank as an OEM replacement for your current one that fits perfect and brightens up the engine bay. There is nothing more appealing to the eye than polished parts when the hood of your car is open.

The Weapon R power steering reservoir tank also comes with stainless steel clamps and all mounting hardware that will not rust or corrode from harmful chemicals like factory hardware does. The driver does not have to worry about a cracked bolt of broken clamp due to how well Weapon R makes their products. It is also much stronger than the factory component since it is TIG welded to ensure no leaks occur even under the most pressure.

Instead of replacing your old and worn factory reservoir tank, upgrade to this power steering reservoir from Weapon R to add more styling under your hood. Weapon R has many other aluminum accessories that will also add to the appearance of your engine bay area and really stand out at the car show.