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Racing Seat Brackets

Weapon R intake system

If you are upgrading your OEM seats to either Weapon R or Sparco, then you are going to need these Weapon R racing seat brackets since your factory brackets will not work. Weapon R engineers them to directly replace your current ones but also allow them to be bolted to other specific aftermarket seats. If you were to try and mount them to the OEM brackets, you would realize the bolt holes do not line up.

The seat brackets from Weapon R not only bolt directly to your seats, but they also allow for adjustment and the brackets will slide forward and backward just like your OEM brackets do. Aftermarket seats are a great enhancement to any vehicle and really provide additional support when you need it the most with their tight side bolsters and racing harness fitment, which is something OEM seats do not accommodate for. Weapon R also makes them from high strength steel which can handle any weight and last many years.

Of course you can make your OEM seat brackets work with your aftermarket seats, but in no way is this a safe practice and major problems can happen if you were to get into an accident. Using the racing seat brackets from Weapon R makes sure that your seats are secure and will not pull away during extreme conditions or racing. They can accommodate both driver and passenger as well which make them perfect for when you upgrade the passenger seat to a racing seat.

The brackets can also be transferred from vehicle to vehicle as long as you are using either a Sparco or Weapon R racing seat.