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Weapon-R Ram Air Kit

Weapon R intake system

The best way to increase air flow for your existing intake is by adding this air intake system from Weapon R. Weapon R has designed this kit to turn any air intake into a ram air intake. This is done by a specially designed hose that clamps on to your air filter or air box and is diverted away from your engine bay to deliver cooler air. The Weapon R product is attached to the front of your grill which is the area where the coolest air is taken in while driving.

Heat soak is a very detrimental to engine performance and most factory air intakes are known to do this as well as some aftermarket ones. The Weapon R ram air intake is designed to prevent this from happening by using the hose to bring in cooler air. If the hose is near your engine bay, it will suffer from heat soak which comes from heat around the engine and its moving parts. Weapon R provides cooler air to your engine which it can make more power from. The factory intake system only robs your engine of horsepower.

The hose included with the kit from Weapon R is extremely flexible so it can be routed around various parts and positioned to where you want it. Weapon R includes all sorts of hardware that you need to attach the kit which makes the install very easy. The Weapon R ram air intake is extremely versatile and can be used on any engine either with a factory intake or an aftermarket one. Upgrading to this item from Weapon R will allow your engine to run smoother.