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Secret Weapon Intake

Weapon R intake system

The secret weapon intake from Weapon R is their most exclusive product that is created with a dual velocity-stack so air flow is increased and turbulence is decrease. Weapon R uses their secret weapon air filter with this air intake system to maximize engine protection and increase air flow even when it is extremely dirty. Combing the air filter with the heat resistant intake pipe makes this performance auto part stand out in both performance and looks.

The intake pipe is not just a single pipe, rather a pipe inside of a pipe which creates extreme air flow while the outside can resist against heat, keeping the air cool. Weapon R has allowed this performance part to increase airflow more than 3 times than your average intake due to the SW1 filter and intake pipe design.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could choose the color of your part as well? Weapon R makes them in several different colors so you do not have to paint the part which would wear off in a few months. Weapon R uses a special coating that resists against heat and harmful chemicals so it will not peel. The Weapon R secret weapon intake keeps its appealing look from day 1 until you decide to not use it anymore.

The 1 million mile warranty foam filter can be cleaned and reuses over and over again so that you will not have to buy a replacement filter ever again. This is a one-time cost in which your engine will benefit for its entire life. The foam filter comes clean with the use of the Weapon R cleaning kit.