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Silicone Couplers

Weapon R intake system

Attaching your aftermarket air intake and intercooler pipes with silicone couplers from Weapon R will ensure that these parts make a tight fit and do not leak or fall off. Couplers that are made from rubber do not make a tight enough fit and will allow air to escape causing a decrease in engine performance. Weapon R also designs theirs to be extremely appealing and are a perfect upgrade if you need to enhance your engine bay.

Couplers are used to connect your intake pipe to the throttle body and also used for connect intercooler pipes and other auto parts to make a tight fit. Weapon R makes them for all types of connections and come in various colors that really pop under the hood of your car. They are completely universal and come in different diameters and lengths to accommodate what you need.

Weapon R also makes them to resist heat and they will not melt of crack from the high temperatures that are associated within the engine bay area. They are also very flexible and perform the same during hot and cold months. Unlike these silicone couplers, your factory rubber ones become very brittle in the winter and can crack. The black factory joints are not very appealing either and you will not want to even open your hood to show off your new parts.

Catering to the sports compact tuners, Weapon R components perform just as well as they look and will allow your various engine components to perform at their best. The only way to ensure your new parts are working properly is to connect them with these silicone joints from Weapon R.