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Silicone Vacuum Hoses

Weapon R intake system

Upgrading your current OEM hoses to Weapon R silicone vacuum hoses will provide your engine bay with a greatly enhance appearance along with better performance for your fluids. They design different size hoses that fit nearly any application and come in many colors to brighten up the area under your hood. Weapon R makes them heat resistant and can also withstand temperatures of up to 350 F.

Factory rubber hoses tend to crack and wear out extremely fast from constant abuse and various chemicals around the engine bay. Weapon R engine hoses can be used anywhere and are especially good for use as coolant hoses. They can transfer the fluids much better than factory and also withstand the high heat associated around the engine. Weapon R silicone vacuum hoses are also a perfect fit for your engine and are made exactly like OEM while also using the factory hardware.

These engine hoses from Weapon R can also deliver you fluids with greater pressure and do not flex as much as rubber does. They give better performance for your various engine components for whatever type of driving you do and are very beneficial on the race track. Leaking fluids that go to and from your engine will greatly reduce performance and sometimes it is hard to even notice on rubber hoses. The Weapon R vacuum hoses are stronger and more durable so they can take abuse without leaking.

Weapon R offers them in several colors that look great in any engine bay and can be used based on appearance alone since rubber is not appealing by any means. Their unique colors add a polished and finished look to the engine bay area of your car.