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Weapon R Strut Braces

Weapon R intake system

If you like to do high performance racing or take sharp turns around town, then you need to upgrade to Weapon R strut braces. Weapon R designs them specifically for all types of makes and models so they make a perfect fit each and every time. The braces from Weapon R also add a touch of class to your engine bay since they are made from such high quality materials. They will decrease body roll and increase handling ability on any application. It will also decrease tire wear since body roll will be reduced.

This part replaces your current factory bar, which extends from one strut to the other. Weapon R produces them with a high strength-to-weight ratio so even the heaviest of vehicles can benefit. There are just a few bolts on each side of the bar that makes for quick installation of your new one from Weapon R. They are available for both front and rear replacement which will greatly increase your vehicle's handling ability.

The factory strut brace on your car, if equipped, is very think and weaker than these from Weapon R. They do not offer the stability and rigidness that are consistent with Weapon R components. The bar is hand polished and side brackets powder coated to bring an enhanced look to your engine bay that would look great at car shows. Weapon R strut braces are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum to keep things strong when you are on uneven surfaces and while taking those tight turns. . After using this product that Weapon R designs, you will not drive another car without it since it makes the car handle that much better.