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Weapon-R Suspension

Weapon R intake system

Tightening up your automotive suspension with parts from Weapon R will allow you to take your vehicle anywhere. You will be able to control your car much easier through turns and twists and decrease body roll with Weapon R suspension parts. They are produced in coilovers and strut braces that make a perfect fit every time and look great as well. Weapon R parts also put less wear on your tires since they are tightening up the suspension.

Factory springs and shocks do not provide enough stability for you to control the car. Weapon R manufacturers their parts far superior to anything from OEM so you can improve handling and vehicle control. Adding strut braces from Weapon R will make the vehicle chassis much more rigid which gives the driver more control and stability over every road surface. The braces from Weapon R are created using aircraft aluminum which makes them extremely strong.

Installing coilovers from Weapon R will add even more control along with their braces. They are available in two different types which is the circuit and super tuner. Each one of them is adjustable so you can raise and lower the ride height of your car. This quality is perfect for the changing seasons or driving your vehicle to the car show. Weapon R suspension components add a touch of class to the car due to how well they are built.

Using both these components from Weapon R will allow you to experience years of vehicle control and stability. They are perfect both on the street and track so your car can be used to its full potential.