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Weapon R Test Pipe

Weapon R intake system

Replacing your current catalytic converter with a Weapon R test pipe will allow tour engine to flow even better and you will gain significant horsepower and torque. The catalytic converter is very restrictive and does not allow exhaust gases to escape quickly enough and creates too much backpressure. Although backpressure is needed, too much is never good and this product from Weapon R creates more flow for the exhaust.

Although this part is not street-legal, many extreme tuners tend to use it on their street car because of how much power it adds to the engine. Weapon R has designed it for specific exhausts and makes for a perfect fit once you have removed your factory cat. Weapon R also engineers it from stainless steel since it encounters a lot of road debris and harmful chemicals. Your Weapon R test pipe will not rust or crack from extreme conditions and make sure there are never any leaks.

The straight pipe from Weapon R does not accommodate for an O2 sensor and the CEL eliminator kit from Weapon R will be needed. Once you install the pipe, your check engine light will pop up on your dash and can only be removed with either the eliminator kit or a defouler.

You will not pass inspection with this part from Weapon R which is why it is not street legal. You will fail the emission test and have to reinstall the factory catalytic converter. But, if you are solely looking for performance, than this part from Weapon R is the only way to go. It will increase horsepower, torque and add some enhance sound when you step on the throttle.