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Thermal barrier intake manifold gasket

Weapon R intake system

The factory intake manifold gasket is made from a very thin piece of metal that does not do a good job of resisting against heat transfer. The Weapon R thermal barrier intake manifold gasket has been designed to completely replace this part and reduce heat transfer to optimize the intake of cooler air. When the intake manifold sees cooler air, it can generate more power which is why this auto part from Weapon R is essential.

Located between the cylinder head and the intake manifold, the thermal barrier intake manifold gasket is made from high temperature resistant plastic which decreases the chances of heat transfer. Heat transfer inside the engine is what kills performance which is why Weapon R has engineered this inexpensive product. The cooler air associated with this Weapon R part can boost power and torque by 5 percent or more, depending on the conditions.

Weapon R has designed it identical to your current one so it makes for a perfect swap once you have pulled the intake manifold from the engine. At this point, it would also be a beneficial upgrade to install the Weapon R intake manifold which will keep things even cooler than before. You can kill two birds with one stone during installation and really improve power and torque.

If you are trying to bring in cooler air for your engine through a Weapon R intake, then you will need to use their IM gasket to reduce heat transfer. Heat transfer will negate the cooler air coming from the intake and not benefit the engine. Weapon R engineers all of their intake parts to work in conjunction with each other to maximize engine performance.