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Tsukuba floor mats

Weapon R intake system

Whether you want to keep the interior of your show car clean or just look good, the tsukuba floor mats can do both. They are extremely versatile and can be used in any vehicle that you have and will make a nice fit each and every time. Weapon R designs them as universal floor mats so they are not limited in applications and once you have them installed your carpets will be protected for many years.

These floor protection mats from Weapon R are different from their g spec mats because they are a solid color and also include a steel foot plate that is riveted to the mat which protects against extreme wear. The foot plate that Weapon R uses on their products is essential in preventing damage from the heels of your feet. Weapon R uses them on both front mats so the driver and passenger can abuse them as much as they want.

Designed in a solid color allows them to be used in literally any automotive interior. They come in red, blue and grey which are extremely popular colors among the aftermarket automotive industry. Weapon R also uses nibs on the underside of their floor mats so they will not slide around or shift while driving so they can maintain their protection.

They are superior to your current car mats because of how strong the material is making them last forever. The stainless steel heel pad is impossible to wear through and you can even use these Weapon R mats in your next vehicle since they are universal. Weapon R tsukuba floor mats will brighten up the interior of your car to bring enhanced looks for many years to come.