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Wheel spacers

Weapon R intake system

Widening the stance of your vehicle is done by either using wider wheels or using wheel spacers. Weapon R designs their wheel spacer kits to bolt directly to the brake hub so that your wheels can sit further to the outside of your car. This makes handling much better and also gives your car a flush look. Weapon R engineers them in three thicknesses so you can choose how far out you want your wheels.

You can use this kit from Weapon R on either factory wheels of your aftermarket wheels if you want to widen the stance and make them sit more flush with your fenders. They are easy to install and made from billet aluminum so strength is not a concern. Weapon R wheel spacers are great for either daily driving or for the race track, and also perfect just for looks. They come in 15mm, 20mm and 25mm thicknesses so you can get the right look for your vehicle.

Wheels that are sunk in from a high offset do not add to the looks of your vehicle and in fact, decrease the overall look. Weapon R spacers will push your sunken wheels out from beneath your vehicle to make it look and handle much better than before. They can also be used if you cannot find the right offset aftermarket wheels for your car. Weapon R> makes them for many vehicles so right before you put the wheels on, install this kit to achieve a proper stance.

Weapon R makes the wheel studs from hardened steel so the chances of a stud snapping are impossible. Safety is always a concern with aftermarket auto parts and Weapon R takes the proper measures to make sure all of their products are properly designed.