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Performance upgrades will dish out more power for the vehicle and provide better efficiency for the engine. Apexi exhaust systems provide both increased performance and a deep rumble. This rumble will make your vehicle stand out from the rest. The company has been providing and supporting the aftermarket automotive industry with quality performance parts since the early 1990s. Originally founded in Japan, they are well known throughout the world.

The factory exhaust system restricts air flow by its design. The bent pipes do not allow for optimum air flow. The exhaust is intended to release harmful fumes given off during engine combustion. If the pipes are too restrictive, it will increase back pressure. Too much back pressure prohibits any performance gains and gas mileage as well. Adding an Apexi performance exhaust will increase the size of the pipes which will increase performance. The sound will also be much different as well.

The factory exhaust can corrode and will rust when put in harsh conditions like snow and cold temperatures. When the exhaust starts to rust, it is not repairable. This would be a perfect time to upgrade to an Apexi automotive exhaust. They are a direct fitment for each specific vehicle so installation is easy. No modifications are required and they are 100% street legal as well.

Fuel mileage will also be increased when replacing the factory exhaust with an Apexi performance exhaust. Better engine efficiency leads to better fuel mileage. The engine does not have to work as hard with the bigger pipes. The stainless steel will protect against the outside elements as well. This provides protection for all Apexi exhaust systems.

High performance vehicles like the look and sound of the Apexi N1 exhaust. This typical exhaust system includes a single muffler with a slanted tip. It has been their number one product for street tuners. It offers an enhanced sound and added power for the engine. The system has mandrel bent pipes which do not restrict any air flow.

Exhaust systems are from the catalytic converter and back. They replace the piping and are connected to the factory catalytic converter. In some situations, the cat is not even used. This is used on high performance vehicles looking for extreme output from their engine. Not using a cat will allow for more air flow with zero restrictions. The noise will also be very loud. This can warrant a ticket for noise pollution. Emissions are also greater when going cat-less.

Apexi offers mufflers to replace the factory one. This can improve sound and provide a minimal gain for power. It's a great option for someone who isn't interested in adding extreme amounts of horsepower to their vehicle. It will give a nice look to the back of any car.