Borla exaust tips

Borla Exhaust

Borla Exhaust

Companies like Borla have been around since the beginning of the tuning industry. Not only does Borla exhaust support the sport compact and muscle car market, but they also provide products for more high end vehicles like Ferrari and Rolls Royce. Borla exhaust is an automotive company one can rely on knowing they supply parts for some of the most expensive vehicles in the world.

For auto enthusiasts all over, the name Borla means more than just an exhaust. Borla exhausts have their own unique sound and design. Bigger is not always better when referring to automotive exhausts. All Borla exhaust pipes are specific to provide maximum air flow and produce a sound that does not create resonance inside the vehicle. The exhaust tips are unique to Borla as well. They use a design called intercooled tips, which have fins at the end of the exhaust tip. These fins cool down and condense all exhaust gases that are emitted. The fins also reduce backpressure and make their unique sound. Each Borla exhaust is designed to deliver low-end torque and high-end horsepower.

Cat-Back Exhaust

A simple addition to gain horsepower and sound is a cat-back exhaust. Borla cat-back exhaust replaces the factory exhaust pipes from the catalytic converter to the rear of the vehicle. All of Borla's exhaust components are 100 percent stainless steel, making for long lasting parts. A Borla cat-back exhaust is very easily installed utilizing all of the factory exhaust mounting locations. This makes for quick installation even for the not so experienced user. All clamps and hardware are included as well. The Borla cat-back exhaust features all mandrel-bent piping to reduce any backpressure and increase output. Some may think adding any performance parts will void the manufacturer's factory warranty. This is not true. All Borla cat-back exhausts are proven and will not void any warranty. They are legal in 50 states and include a million-mile warranty.

Header-Back Exhaust

For even more power and air flow, the Borla header-back exhaust does the trick. This exhaust system replaces the exhaust pipes, catalytic converter and mid-pipe from the headers. Going this route will increase air flow more than the cat-back system. Although a much tougher install, the Borla header-back exhaust system is available for certain vehicles and will provide great performance gains. Borla header-back exhaust systems can be had with turbo mufflers. These mufflers are specific for any vehicle with a turbocharger. Increased air flow from the turbo needs increased air flow through the exhaust.


Looking good is just as important as going fast. Borla headers are designed using stainless steel which not only looks great, but stands up to high temperatures and corrosion. Borla headers lower the temperature for the engine by provide more air flow than factory. They are tuned from Borla for your exact vehicle make, model and year. Just like their other exhaust components, Borla headers are made for exact fitment and will not require cutting or modifying of any sort. Borla headers are 50 states legal and CARB-approved as well. This makes it appealing to those in California who must use CARB-only performance parts. Higher torque and horsepower gains will be had when using Borla headers.

Borla Muflers

Even more simple than the Borla cat-back system, is the Borla mufflers. Borla mufflers come in many shapes and sizes to fit the customer's needs. They are easily welded on for quick installation. Sound and minimal performance gains are created with a Borla muffler. The enhanced Borla sound and quality part are gained through using their mufflers. Rusted and corroded mufflers are loud and look just as bad. A Borla muffler will add a nice sound and look great as well. Its polished tip makes for a show car finish. Each muffler is designed to prevent any backpressure. Other mufflers use chambers inside the muffler which reduces exhaust flow. Borla mufflers do not use chambers inside of their mufflers. Their muffler lineup includes Borla ProXS, Borla Boomers, Borla Specialty, and Borla XR-1.

Muffler Tips
The rear of every vehicle gets much attention while driving. There is always someone driving behind us weather it's a short distance or far distance. Borla muffler tips add an enhanced appearance to the rear of our exhaust pipes. Factory muffler tips are usually ugly and rust quick. Borla muffler tips have a fully polished exterior to stand out. They are universal for nearly every exhaust pipe size as well. These can also be swapped from vehicle to vehicle. The stainless steel design makes for easy cleaning. Carbon buildup can sometimes occur in the warmer months. Borla exhaust cleaner makes for an easy solution.