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Corsa Exhaust Systems

Performance exhaust systems will set any car or truck apart. Sound, appearance and performance are all enhancements when upgrading the factory exhaust system. Corsa exhausts have technology that is unique to the company and no other exhaust manufacturer uses. Their technology is the reason why owners install a Corsa exhaust system on their vehicle. The company name has been tossed around the automotive industry right before the new millennium. They started out supporting just the Corvette community. Overtime, they have evolved and now support import, domestic, sport compact, and muscle cars.

Drone is typical of aftermarket exhaust systems. Exhaust drone is when buzzing is felt inside of the vehicle. It usually occurs at low RPMs, but can also be felt anywhere in the RPM range. Most of the interior can rattle and might put strain on the driver's and passenger's ears. Corsa exhaust use their patented technology called reflected sound cancellation to reduce any drone. This is why so many enthusiasts choose the automotive exhaust system. Channels inside the system are designed to divert the drone sound and clear any unwanted frequencies that may pronounce resonance. Performance is not sacrificed through this design. Corsa exhaust systems all produce added horsepower and torque gains. They reduce backpressure and increase engine efficiency which leads to better performance. Fuel economy and lower emissions can be had through this automotive exhaust system. A more efficient engine will have a positive impact on gas mileage.

Stainless steel makes for great durability and quality. Corsa exhaust systems are completely crafted of stainless steel and include a lifetime warranty. Not much more can be expected from such a company. The exhaust system will not corrode from everyday driving and the harsh winters. Their exhaust systems include all the necessary hardware which makes for painless installation. Being that they are cat-back systems, all Corsa products are completely street legal.

Not only do the exhaust systems come polished, but black diamond exhaust tips can be had. Corsa black diamond muffler tips are universal and can be installed on select exhaust systems. These muffler tips make for a great look at the rear of the vehicle. Polished exhaust tips are found on many vehicles today. Set the car apart by using Corsa black diamond tips.

Technology is what Corsa Performance is all about. Not only are their exhaust systems unique, but their other products are as well. To provide even more air flow to the engine, Corsa air intakes have the latest technology. Power channel technology is used in every Corsa air intake system. This patented technology improves airflow, maximized horsepower and improves engine efficiency. Airflow flows directly to the throttle body without any restrictions. This design greatly increase throttle response. Each Corsa intake system is handmade using carbon fiber to ensure durability and provide a great appearance. The carbon fiber is also very lightweight as opposed to the vehicle's factory air intake system. When the engine is provided with more and cleaner air, the efficiency is increased and more power will be gained. All automotive exhaust components are made for direct fitment on each specific vehicle. Corsa performance parts require zero modification when installing.

Corsa Exhaust Systems

Factory exhaust components like an air intake and exhaust system are very restrictive. They might do their jobs, but they do not provide great efficiency. Corsa performance parts replace the vehicle's exhaust components. Cars and trucks can both benefit from their products. Combining both their intake system and exhaust system will be the most beneficial for performance enhancements. The company has designed each system to perform at its best when installed with each other. Their products are extremely popular on today's muscle cars. The tone given off by the exhaust is what some muscle car enthusiasts are after.