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The aftermarket street tuner scene is filled with many performance parts from various companies. DC Sports exhaust has been supplying and supporting the aftermarket automotive scene since the early 1990s. DC Sports exhaust first started designing performance parts for both Honda and Acura. Their products were so successful they needed to expand and now support dozens of vehicles with aftermarket performance parts. They distribute to nearly every part of the world with their products continuing to receive great reputation.

Unique designs are what set some companies apart from the rest. DC sports exhaust systems have both a unique design and a unique sound to them. Nearly all of DC sports exhausts have a distinct sound that is much different from other cat-back exhaust systems. Their mufflers are generally larger than most and create a loud sound with some resonance inside the cabin. The sound of a DC Sports exhaust system is what most car enthusiasts like to hear.

Single Canister Exhaust
The most basic exhaust system is the DC Sports single canister exhaust. This specific automotive exhaust system consists of one muffler at the back of the vehicle. The muffler is polished and round, with a straight cut on the end. The entire system is crafted from stainless steel to provide maximum life and prevent any corrosion or rust. DC sports single canister exhaust system is specific for vehicles with only one exhaust pipe and one muffler.

Single Canister Dual Tip
Some vehicles have a dual tip exhaust, but with just one muffler. DC Sports single canister dual tip exhausts offer two polished tips, with one muffler located at the center rear of the vehicle. Typical applications include the Nissan 350Z and Acura NSX. Each tip is 4 inches in diameter with a straight cut just like the single tip exhaust.

Dual Canister Exhaust
For all those race-inspired vehicles, the DC Sports dual canister exhaust is available. This exhaust system consists of two separate mufflers connected by a y-pipe. The y-pipe splits in the middle of the vehicle and two muffles are attached to each pipe. DC Sports dual canister exhaust is only offered for a handful of vehicles. The specific design provides optimum power output and is proven by DC Sports on their dyno machine.

Universal Mufflers
Cat-back systems are sometimes not offered for certain vehicles. This can be because the vehicle is too new or there isn't enough of that specific vehicle on the road. DC sports universal mufflers are a great way to enhance performance and look. Their mufflers can be welded to nearly any factory exhaust pipe. DC Sports universal mufflers are available in 2.5 inch and 3 inch diameters, with either a slant cut tip or a straight cut tip. They are also universal for either turbocharged or naturally aspirated engines. DC Sports silencers can reduce the sound of one of their loud mufflers or exhausts systems. These silencers are a direct fit for any of their products and will decrease any resonance heard inside the car.

Freeing up air for the engine is crucial for performance. DC Sports headers can provide significant horsepower and torque gains. All of DC Sports headers are designed for use with their cat-back exhaust systems. Their most basic headers are the 4-1 system. These DC Sports headers take 4 pipes and combine them right into one pipe through quality welds. This was their first developed header system back in the late 1980s. For sport compact V6 engines, DC Sports 3-1 headers are the right choice. Specific to all 6 cylinder engines, the DC Sports 3-1 headers perform like no other exhaust components on the market. Designed for a handful of vehicles, the fitment of these headers is superb. DC Sports 4-2-1 header system is crafted for 4 cylinder sport compact vehicles. Other than performance gains, the DC Sports 4-2-1 headers are actually light than the factory headers. This will lighten the front end of the vehicle for quicker performance.

Race Headers
Unrestricted power is the goal for aftermarket exhaust components. DC Sports race headers are designed without a catalytic converter to free up more air. The catalytic converter typically restricts air flow and can cause backpressure. DC Sports race headers are a quality exhaust component for drag racing, rally racing and high performance street racing. DC sports headers are also created for engine swaps. Custom headers can be costly and sometimes ineffective. DC Sports K-swap headers are specific for both the engine and the vehicle.

Strut Bars
Handling all that extra power from a DC Sports exhaust component can be challenging. A DC Sports strut bar will help in cornering and drivability. Offered for various vehicles, the DC Sports strut bar connects at the top of each front strut to tighten up and body roll. Any modified sport compact car should upgrade to this suspension component. They are also crafted in carbon which makes for both great appearance and a quality part.

Air Intakes
To complete the system, DC Sports air intakes provide increased breathing for the engine and improved gas mileage. Their intake system includes a filter that requires no oiling and a heat shield to prevent any major heat soak. Combine this with the DC Sports exhaust and DC Sports header, and you've got some serious gains in horsepower.