Flowmaster exhaust systems

Flowmaster Exhaust

Flowmaster Exhaust

Loud automotive systems can sometimes be annoying and hard to drive with. Flowmaster exhaust systems have provided some of the quietest exhaust systems in the industry. They have been around for the last thirty years and continue to provide great quality exhaust components. Not only is their mission to provide quiet aftermarket exhaust systems, but also to perform just as well. Flowmaster exhaust has managed to combine the two qualities in their automotive parts.

With over 4 complete exhaust systems, Flowmaster exhaust offers products for nearly any vehicle on the road today. Their product selection is in such a variety that the customer can find exactly what they are looking for.

Force II Exhaust

The most mild performance exhaust system is the Flowmaster Force II exhaust. This automotive exhaust is for users who don't want all out street performance, but want a nice tone with added performance. Resonators and larger mufflers are used in the Flowmaster Force II exhaust to decrease any loud exhaust tones. This mild exhaust system is a great option over the vehicle's factory exhaust.

dBX Series Exhaust

Sport compact and import vehicles have a huge variety of aftermarket parts to choose from. The Flowmaster dBX series exhaust system is specific for these vehicles. It is created to fit smaller vehicles and uses Flowmaster's laminar technology. The exhaust tip is can also be polished to give that finished look. The Flowmaster dBX series offers a deep tone with excellent performance enhancements.

American Thunder Series Exhaust

The most popular exhaust system is the Flowmaster American thunder series. This automotive exhaust includes the signature sound of Flowmaster. It also incorporates added power, torque and throttle response for any vehicle, but it is specifically designed for muscle cars and performance trucks. The Flowmaster American thunder pro series exhaust system has an enhanced sound over the base American thunder series. The pro series uses Flowmaster's laminar technology, giving the exhaust a different sound.

Outlaw Series Exhaust
Outlaw Series Exhaust

For the ultimate in performance street driving, the Flowmaster outlaw series exhaust system delivers great performance with an aggressive sound. This exhaust system is their least restrictive which optimizes air flow. The Flowmaster outlaw series utilizes catalytic converters, but has an exhaust tone comparable to one without catalytic converters.

Street Mufflers
Mufflers are a great option that still improve sound and provide some gain in power. They are inexpensive compared to a full cat-back exhaust system and much easier to install. Flowmaster street mufflers are easily welded on to the factory exhaust pipe. Flowmaster street mufflers are available in over 5 different styles and designs. Each one of these mufflers provides a different sound while still keeping performance in mind. The Flowmaster super 10 series is their loudest muffler and the company doesn't even recommend it for street driving. Flowmaster super 10 series muffler is recommended for all out racing. For street rods and classic, the Flowmaster HP-2 is perfect due to its small design and typical hot rod exhaust sound. All Flowmaster street mufflers each have a different exhaust tone. Some are very loud, and some aren't very noticeable. For high horsepower vehicles, the Flowmaster 40 series muffler gives the best performance. Little to no resonance is heard inside the vehicle while using this automotive muffler. For vehicles with a dual exhaust outlet but only one exhaust, the Flowmaster 80 series provides increased power and an aggressive sound. For heavy duty vehicles, the Flowmaster 50 series HD is available. This is meant for both diesel and gasoline engines that are used for extreme working conditions.

Race Mufflers
For ultimate sound and performance, Flowmaster delta force race mufflers are available in 5 different styles. They each offer different sounds but still provide great power gains. Flowmaster race mufflers are specific to high performance race vehicles like sprinters and midgets. The Flowmaster delta force offers their alcohol race muffler which works with methanol fuels. Methanol fuels are used on extreme high performance vehicles where regular gasoline isn't sufficient.

Automotive headers and catalytic converters can be found through Flowmaster as well. Their unique design and exhaust technology make them a great candidate for any vehicle. Flowmaster's exclusive laminar flow technology is nothing like anything else in the industry. The laminar flow technology is created to offer better flow and sound out of the exhaust system. You can guarantee longevity with Flowmaster exhaust as well.