Gibson exhaust pipes

Gibson Exhaust

Gibson Exhaust

A deep sounding exhaust with a low rumble is a fan of many. It's quite difficult to find the right exhaust for your vehicle without hearing each one. The exhaust note is what draws us to that specific part. Gibson exhausts have some of the nicest sounding exhausts for many vehicles today. Although not offered for import street tuners, Gibson offers exhaust components for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, muscle cars, boats, and motor homes. With so many other companies making exhausts for street tuners, Gibson exhaust set themselves apart by not entering that market. Muscle cars and trucks can greatly benefit from the dedication of Gibson. All of their products include a lifetime warranty as well.

Performance gains from an aftermarket automotive exhaust can sometimes be minimal at best. Although minimal gains, a more free-flowing exhaust would make for a happy engine. Gibson performance exhausts was actually started based off needing more power for the owner's motorhome. Who would think that one could add more power to such a big piece of equipment? Gibson exhaust provides better quality, sound, flow and power than other automotive exhausts on the market. Their exhausts are also unique in that they do not provide the sound found on my street tuner cars like Hondas and Nissans. The sound from their exhaust is from higher performance engines.

Quality products at an affordable price are what Gibson exhausts offers. Sacrificing one for the other is usually common practice in today's automotive aftermarket industry. With their products offered in either aluminized or stainless steel, one can be sure these components will handle any kind of abuse. Their exhaust components are also made using CNC mandrel bends for the cleanest looking exhaust pipes. Gibson exhausts systems are designed for high performance in the lower RPMs. Other manufacturers claim better output in the higher RPM range. For street performance, lower RPMs are much more realistic. Speeds typically do not get that high. The muffler or mufflers on the Gibson exhaust system are crafted using its patented Superflow design. This feature assists in moving the exhaust gases more efficiently out of the system. Instead of flange and gasket joints, Gibson exhaust uses their slip-fit design to join the pipes. This design allows for more power and less backpressure.

Five types of Gibson exhaust setups are available. The swept side exhaust is their lowest sounding exhaust. It has a mellow tone that can be noticed over the factory exhaust. This exhaust is also the only one offered for Jeeps. Gibson dual sport exhaust is second in line. This exhaust is a little louder, but doesn't have much resonance inside the vehicle. At the middle of the pack is the Gibson dual extreme. Known for its "big block" exhaust tone, the dual extreme has a little more resonance than the dual sport. The split rear and super truck are the final two offered from Gibson exhaust. Both of these exhaust systems provide higher tone than the rest with a noticeable resonance inside the vehicle. These two systems aren't for the weak. Gibson exhausts are crafted using just the right diameter of piping. Too big an exhaust and low end torque is lost. Too small of an exhaust and backpressure is enhanced. All of Gibson's automotive exhaust components are tested and dyno tuned to provide the most efficient products.

Performance Headers

Adding to the exhaust system, Gibson headers will provide even bigger horsepower and torque gains. Gibson headers are direct replacement for factory headers. There is no modification needed. Bigger headers will allow the engine to breathe better which will extend its longevity. The engine will also be much cooler. Gibson headers are street legal and CARB approved for all of you California residents. With rising gas prices, fuel economy will improve as well!

Exhaust Tips

Most people will notice the exhausts tip with a quick glance. Gibson exhaust tips come in many different styles and shapes. With all of them being made out of stainless steel, they provide an enhance look and can withstand high heat. They are easy to install and universal for all exhaust pipes. Their show car finish is great for muscle cars and trucks. Gibson exhaust tips can be had anywhere from 2.5 inches in diameter all the way up to 6 inches in diameter.

Superflow Mufflers

Sometimes, a muffler can be just what the user wants. Gibson Superflow mufflers provide some performance gains along with an enhance sound. They offer universal mufflers and race mufflers for high performance systems. Gibson Superflow mufflers are very cost-effective for what they do as well. Add a nice rumble at a low cost to set your vehicle apart. Gibson Superflow mufflers have a baffle inside the pipe to decrease any resonance that may occur. Performance can be felt through the low to mid-range of the power band.