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It is important to understand the benefits of what custom floor liners can bring to a vehicle. Consumers who are looking for Husky car liners want them for more than just increased protection. Husky car liners do add a better layer of defense on your car's carpet, but it is also how Husky car liners fit and the way they are manufactured that sets them apart from other types of aftermarket floor mats.

The interior to every vehicle floor is somewhat distinctive. Very few have a layout that is similar from one to the other, even if they are vehicles in the same class. You cannot expect a set of floor mats to fit the same in every car or truck. But that is how most commercial floor companies create their mats, one-size-fits-all. Husky car liners are factory-made to fit in each vehicle according to the interior's dimensions down to the last detail. Every deviation in the surface, where the seats rest, and the distance to the doorsills, is measured electronically and uploaded to a computer. From here, the computer renders an image of a car's interior surface with all of its necessary measurements before the Husky car liners for that specific vehicle are created. This means that each set (or pair) of Husky car liners will fit all of the factory dimensions of the floor accurately.

The critical aspect of Husky car liners fitting properly cannot be understated. That is because they have edges that are designed to meet the perimeter of the floor for each section they belong on. If the edge or lip of the liner comes up short or overlaps, they will not work correctly. What may happen is that they come up short on the sides leaving gaps that won't do anything to trap spills or mud. If Husky car liners are loose, they can slide or fold up in the front. On the driver's side of a vehicle this can actually become a dangerous distraction, as the liner will interfere with the pedal foot. When you are shopping for your own molded car liners, you must choose them according to your exact year, make, and model.

When it comes to how molded car liners appear once installed, it is easy to tell how different the amount of coverage is. Put plainly, molded car liners do not fit the same as regular custom floor mats. Standard car mats are smaller and more concise. They are assigned to a section of the floor and so long as nothing spills on that exact area, the car's carpet will be okay. Molded liners take over a much higher percentage of your car's floor and in some vehicles, even fit partially under the seats. Some sets of liners even include a covering for the center hump for a vehicle's rear-seat area. The instant you open up your car door you will notice how much more of the floor is covered compared to how it was with your original mats.

Of course, the kind of material used for Husky liners is much higher quality than OEM mats. Husky uses a special type of rubber that they developed in-house over two decades ago. It is a rubberized material combined with thermoplastic created just for their molded liners. When a set of liners is created and then treated, once dry the texture is firm but not hard. This gives the liners the level of pliability they need to enact a form-fitting presence on a vehicle's floor. The material is also non-stick and non-slip. This is one of the main reasons why Husky liners are so popular. The non-stick surface is what makes them stain-proof, because wet substances cannot set in for long and stay there. If a substance like mud or even soda spills on a carpet mat, it is likely that it will stain almost immediately, meaning that in order to get it out, you will have to scrub with an automotive cleanser. You won't have this issue with Husky molded floor mats. All it takes is removing them from your vehicle and taking a garden hose to clean them off.

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