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Husky Contractors Rack

Husky Contractors Rack for trucks

Heavy duty trucks have various types of uses. They are capable of towing heavy loads and carrying lots of gear in the bed of the truck. The Husky Contractors Rack is an aluminum rack designed to be placed at the back of the cab. The Husky Conrack protects this area as well as the truck's back glass. It also acts as a sunshade to keep the interior cool. This is perfect for trucks with a black interior that heat up relatively quick.

Their aluminum truck accessories will withstand any abuse. They are coated with a special chemical that will prevent rust when scratched or damaged. Rain and snow have no effect on Husky accessories. Huskyliners truck protection is the number one product to preserve your interior and keep the back glass looking new. The interior can fade from too much sunlight, and the Husky Liners rack does it better than any sun shade.

Your average handyman could greatly benefit from the Husky Conrack. This product isn't just for hauling big loads. Husky truck accessories are stylish and serve a purpose. Longer items like wood and sheetrock can be laid on an angle and secured in between the tailgate and conrack. It makes for safe driving without worrying about materials rolling around and becoming damaged.

To go along with the aluminum theme, their 5th wheel tailgate is perfect for hauling heavy trailers. Aircraft-grade aluminum is used on all Husky truck accessories to ensure durability and will not fail under the most extreme uses. These tailgates are specific for every truck and make for a perfect fit.