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Husky Liners 5th Wheel Tailgate

Husky Liners Wheel Tailgate

HuskyLiners 5th Wheel Tailgate

Husky Liners 5th Wheel Tailgate replaces your current factory tailgate, with a tailgate that accommodates 5th wheel trailers or gooseneck trailers. The Husky 5th Wheel Tailgate has an opening at the top, which allows the tailgate to still be closed when towing. Items will be kept in the truck bed and not fall out like they would with a factory tailgate. Its lightweight design also increases gas mileage, as it is nearly half the weight of the truck's factory tailgate. The 5th wheel tailgate is also easier to open and close, eliminating the need for two separate "pull" type latches found on factory tailgates.


Category - Automotive exterior/Exterior protection
Fitment - Ford, Chevy, Dodge and GMC trucks
Material - Air-craft grade aluminum
Color - Silver


* Aluminum, anti-corrosive design
* Uses factory latch and hinge points
* Keeps items in bed while towing
* Lightweight and louvered design
* Increases gas mileage
* Center opening latch for easy access
* Truck specific fitment
* Will not rust or corrode
* Looks great on any truck
* Designed and engineered in the USA
* Limited one year warranty

Installation detail
Husky Liners 5th Wheel Tailgate installs using the factory tailgate mounting holes for an exact fit. No cutting or modifications are necessary to make this product fit.

Care and maintenance
Husky Liners 5th Wheel Tailgate does not require any special attention. Its treated surface protects well against rust and the outside elements. A simple hose down with soapy water will bring it back to its original state.

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