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Husky Liners Conrack and Sunshade

HuskyLiners Conrack and Sunshade

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Husky Liners Conrack and Sunshade is a dual-purpose design that protects the truck's back glass and also acts as a sunshade for the interior. The aluminum rack is designed for each specific truck and can also accommodate a standard size truck toolbox. The sunshade will protect your interior from fading and reduce glare. It also serves to protect the back window against damage from tools or miscellaneous items in the truck bed. The Conrack can also accommodate larger items in the truck bed. Longer items can be angled against the Conrack's top ears and secured in the bed.


Category - Automotive exterior/Exterior protection
Fitment - Truck
Material - Air-craft grade aluminum
Color - Silver


* Aluminum, anti-corrosive design
* Factory finish when installed
* Specific for each factory truck bed
* Sunshade can be opened or closed
* Protects rear glass from damage
* Easy to install
* Fits most Dodge, Chevy and Ford trucks
* Environmentally friendly finish
* Designed and Engineered in the USA
* Limited one year warranty

Installation detail
Husky Liners Conrack and Sunshade is very easy to install using the provided instructions and hardware. The Conrack uses two feet to secure it to the back of the truck bed. The feet are installed on the inside or outside of the truck bed, depending on the width.

Care and maintenance
Husky Liners Conrack and Sunshade is maintenance free. The rack is coated with an anti-corrosion chemical that is also environmentally friendly. It will not rust from the slightest scratches or rock chips. Soap and water are sufficient for cleaning the Conrack. Anything too abrasive will peel the anti-corrosion surface off.

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