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A great way to express yourself in the aftermarket automotive industry is with apparel. Automotive apparel comes in many styles, shapes, and forms. Automotive attire can range from t shirts and sweatshirts, to track suits and racing shoes. Whatever the situation may be, there is something out there for everyone. Car apparel is huge in the aftermarket industry. Many enthusiasts like to sport their favorite manufacturer wherever they go. Not only is it just for the enthusiast, but for someone who also just values a certain car or car product in general.

This apparel is great for car mechanics as well. Sporting an automotive uniform is a way of getting your name out there and providing customers with confidence. It can really set you apart from the other shops you are competing with. The customer will feel comfortable having their vehicle repaired at your facility knowing how professional you are by sporting some automotive clothing. This is also a great option if you offer certain brands like Brembo brakes or Greddy exhaust systems. Gloves are also offered in automotive apparel. These gloves will help with grip when you are tightening or taking off a bolt. There are also driving gloves that come in many different types and styles for you to choose from. Along with gloves, automotive helmets are also available on the market. These helmets are perfect for the avid dragster or someone who likes to take their car to the race track.

If you have ever been to a car show or car event, then you have seen someone with some type of automotive t shirt. These t shirts can represent anything from a manufacturer to a picture of a turbo. Big name brands typically offer their logo on jackets as well. What better way to keep warm at the car show than a Koni suspension jacket? These jackets offer comfort and styling you're looking for!

For import and domestic car fans, car attire is a big market. Race car drivers usually wear an automotive uniform during a race. The uniform protects against fire if anything were to happen to the vehicle. As for fans, automotive attire is offered in many ways such as t shirts, jackets, bandanas, sweatshirts, and even accessories like mugs and lanyards. A pair of sunglasses with flames on the sides will go match nicely with an automotive t-shirt. Car apparel is also offered in racing shoes. Instead of wearing your new Nikes with no grip, try a pair or racing shoes that will provide you with the grip and comfort you need for that long race.

Accessories in the car industry are very popular. Some people like to sport their favorite brand on their keychain with a lanyard or even a mug for their morning coffee. If you are looking for something to set your coffee mug on, check out some automotive coasters. When you have some company over, the guests will know you're a car enthusiast when they set their glass down. Car accessories also come in the form of decals and stickers. Usually when you purchase an automotive product for your car, the manufacturer will include their sticker for you. Some car enthusiasts like to put this on their car somewhere to let others know what companies' parts they have installed on their vehicle. This is another way of showing creativity.

A day at the car race might just be a fashion statement for some people. They can be all decked out with automotive clothing, or just a few accessories like an umbrella or chair. Most of these fans will have some type of automotive attire. One of the more popular things people like to wear is hats. These hats are typically embossed with the manufacturer's logo. Most companies like Eibach, TEIN, aFe Power, and AEM have these hats available to the general public. Maybe a TEIN umbrella suits you better to keep you dry from the rain allowing you to still enjoy the race. No matter what the situation is, car attire is a great way to let others know you're an avid car enthusiast.