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As car enthusiasts, we take pride in modifying our vehicle and making it stand out from the rest. The last thing we want is someone vandalizing or stealing valuable parts from our vehicle. The aftermarket audio and security industry is a multi-million dollar industry. The car audio industry receives a great deal of attention from enthusiasts all over the world. Car audio was developed to enhance interior sound and give people a number of ways to improve their car speakers. Many enthusiasts take pride in their car audio setups in which they use at competitions and car shows. The one and only way of protecting the products is to have an automotive security system.

Breaking into vehicles isn't something new. Thieves have been doing this for years. As car owners we cannot always be around our car protecting it from potential robbers. To make us feel better, companies like Directed Electronics have been manufacturing some of the best car security systems on the market today. These security systems provide great protection for our expensive vehicles and products we install on our cars. Car security is beneficial to car enthusiasts who have spent countless amounts of money and hours creating their unique car audio setup. Car security systems are available in a number of options. Some of these options can be selected based on the user's preference and the amount of money available. These car security alarms can come equipped with shock sensors, tilt sensors, motion sensors, and even different types of remotes. All of these options give the user the greatest opportunity to cater the security system to their needs. Reverse cameras and sensors are also available as a security feature. Reversing can sometimes be a pain if it's a tight spot or too dark outside. A reverse camera will solve this problem and offer some great added protection. If a camera isn't for you, reverse sensors are a great alternative. There can either be placed in the front or the rear bumpers of the car. Avoid hitting those small curbs when pulling into parking sports.

For many of us, the factory audio system is horrible at best. Manufacturers tend to use low quality speakers which do produce the greatest sound. The car audio industry has been striving since the mid-1900s. Technology has really evolved since the 8-track and cassette player. Adding to or replacing the factory automotive sound system will be very beneficial. Not only will it be more clear, but there will likely be less static as well.

Car enthusiasts upgrade their vehicles sound system for a couple of reasons. One reason is for sound competition which has grown over the recent years. Sound competitions include everything from loudest bass to sound quality. Some competitors like lots of booming bass, and others like it to be the right combination between bass and clarity.

A main part of building a show car is having a very creative car audio setup. These setups can cost thousands of dollars to build and use only the top manufacturers in the industry today. Many enthusiasts show off their trunk with fiberglass creations that house the car audio equipment. Automotive audio isn't just about speakers. Included in this industry are navigation systems and in-dash screens. The aftermarket navigation market has made huge improvements from the beginning of the millennium. Most of these navigation units are plug and play which makes for an easy install.

Car audio & securityhas come a long way. Automotive alarms are becoming more popular to protect the vehicle from thieves and can also go off when the car is hit. Damage to your car in the parking lot can be helped by installing a car alarm.