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Maintaining your vehicles engine isn't the only task when owning a vehicle. Other components like brakes and rotors are very crucial to your vehicle's performance. Car brakes and rotors are what stop your vehicle from hitting into other objects and other vehicles. They prevent hundreds of accidents a day, but with improper maintenance, they can be your worst nightmare.

Your vehicle depends on the stopping power applied from your brakes and rotors. Not only must the rotors be in good shape, but the braking pads must be as well. Some owners may overlook the vehicle's rotors and just replace the brake pads from time to time. When the car's brake pad starts to wear, it also begins to wear the rotor. Most vehicles today use disc brakes, and a select few use drum brakes on the rear of the car. Automotive drum brakes are becoming a design of the past. Manufacturers have found that these car brake drums are ineffective since the brake shoeheats up too fast and it loses its effectiveness at stopping the vehicle. Although somewhat ineffective, import and domestic car manufacturers sometimes use car disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear. Most of your stopping power comes from the front, which is why this setup isn't uncommon.

When looking to upgrade your car's brakes, there are a few options to consider. Replacement car disc brakes are manufactured by many companies today like Brembo, Stoptech and Powerslot. Car rotors are available in slotted, cross drilled, cross drilled and slotted, and dimpled rotors. All of these automotive rotors are uniquely different but have the same goal in terms of stopping the vehicle. The main goal for these car brake rotors is to dissipate heat. When using your car's brakes, the rotor heats up from the friction applied. The slotted and drilled design of these aftermarket car brake rotors allows the heat to escape and brake fade is eliminated. Not only do these automotive brake rotors reduce heat, but they can also help when driving through puddles. When water gets into your car's brakes, sometimes you will have to pump the brakes over and over to release the water. With these aftermarket automotive rotors, the water will slip through the slots and holes while still maintaining optimum stopping power. With all the upside to adding aftermarket brake rotors to your vehicle, there is one minor setback. Being that these automotive brake rotors are slotted, they can make the product weaker. Through normal street driving, your vehicle's rotors can last a long time though.

A popular upgrade for car enthusiasts who like to track their car use aftermarket brake rotors. Through hard driving, the car's brake rotors are heated up excessively fast. This heat needs to escape as soon as possible so the car can still provide optimum braking power. When looking at brakes and rotors for hard driving, some enthusiasts will decide to upgrade to a big brake kit. These automotive brake kits are the holy grail of aftermarket brake kits. These kits can cost thousands of dollars. Upgrading to an automotive big brake kit not only provides function, but it enhances the cars overall appearance. Brembo is a leading manufacturer in the world of automotive big brake kits. A big brake kit uses a much bigger caliper and rotor to increase a car's stopping power. This is perfect for someone with added horsepower to their car's engine. These kits also come from the factory on some vehicles today like Cadillac, Porsche, and Jeep. With the horsepower that the car's engine puts out, a big brake kit is essential. Depending on how much stopping power you are looking for, an automotive big brake kit is offered in 4, 6, 8, and 12 caliper pistons. The more horsepower, the more pistons you might need.

Automotive brake pads are an essential part of the car's stopping power as well. These brake pads come in a couple of different types including ceramic, metallic and organic. Ceramic brake pads are a very common upgrade but can also be costly. Metallic brake pads are less pricey but can also wear much faster and are noisier than ceramic brake pads. Organic brake pads wear quicker since they are softer than the others. Organic brake pads aren't made for vehicles like trucks or vehicles that see heavy track use.

Stainless steel braided brake lines are also a quality upgrade. Factory automotive brake lines are made of rubber and expand during use. This provides a spongy feel when braking. Automotive stainless steel braided lines do not expand and allow for constant flow of brake fluid. When upgrading the car's brakes and rotors, this is a quality and fairly inexpensive addition. They are aesthetically pleasing as well.