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Automotive Clutch and Driveline

Automotive Clutch and Driveline

Building a monster engine with lots of horsepower will be useless if you cannot deliver that power to your wheels. The car's driveline is what translates your vehicles power to the wheels in the form of torque. It then gets powered to rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive depending on your vehicle. The car's clutch and driveline are an essential upgrade for anyone looking to add power and keeping the car on the street. Also called the drivetrain, the vehicle's driveline is essentially a system that generates and delivers power to the pavement. Upgrades to the vehicle's clutch and driveline include clutch kits, flywheels, short throw shifters, automatic transmissions, aluminum driveshafts, torque convertors, and axles.

The clutch in a car's manual transmission can be upgraded in many forms and fashions. This is a very popular upgrade for enthusiasts adding more torque to their vehicle. A clutch consists of a flywheel, clutch disc, and pressure plate but each vehicle is different. In manual car transmissions, the vehicle's flywheel is a surface that the clutch grabs onto so it can deliver power to the car's manual transmission. The car's clutch disc absorbs the shock when the clutch is engaged, and the pressure plate reduces pressure when the power transfer occurs. Many aftermarket enthusiasts like to upgrade to an aftermarket clutch and flywheel since it gives more efficiency in getting the power down with less clutch slip. Aftermarket clutch lines are also available. Steel braided clutch lines are a vast improvement over the car's factory clutch lines. By adding steel clutch lines, you will notice quicker engagement and disengagement of the clutch, along with more accuracy and consistency. A lighter aluminum flywheel can also be added. This reduces the weight and allows for quicker revs. The flywheel is very important in the car's driveline.

Short throw shifters can also improve the experience and feel of the automotive clutch and driveline. These shifters also come in a couple of styles. Some automotive short throw shifters are simply just an adapter for the car's stock shifter assembly, and others are a full swap of the stock assembly. With a short throw shifter adapter it allows for shorter throws in between gears. Shorter throws in between the car's gears gives the driver more tightness in the shifts and cleans up the sloppiness of a stock shifter. A full short shifter assembly can be another upgrade to the vehicle's clutch and driveline. It replaces your stock assembly and just like the adapter, it tightens up the shifts. Along with shorter throws, the full assembly will be significantly shorter than the car's stock shifter. This is very popular among most car enthusiasts. Vehicles from the manufacturer are not designed for shifting speed, but instead for overall drivability and comfort. While you have the console torn apart, another great upgrade is shifter bushings. This will also clean up the sloppiness and make it a more refined feel. The clutch master cylinder also plays an important role in the shifting ability of the car. This is where the fluid is stored and is pushed down to the vehicle's slave cylinder to move the clutch fork. Upgrading to an aftermarket clutch master cylinder will provide better flow with less chance of transmission grind. They are usually made out of steel internals versus the original equipment manufacturers plastic internals.

Aluminum driveshafts are crucial if you are looking to drop your quarter mile time. The driveshaft plays an important role in the clutch and driveline. The main role of the vehicle's driveshaft is to deliver torque to other parts of the vehicle. The lighter the driveshaft is, the quicker it will turn and give power to the wheels. This can typically shave off a tenth or two in the quarter mile. Upgrading your axles is also a necessity of you like to track or drag your car. With an upgraded automotive engine, the stock axles will not be able to handle the torque produced and will likely snap. A set of solid, bigger axles will prove themselves at the starting line and be very beneficial to your driveline.