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AVS Ventvisor

AVS Ventvisor

Automotive styling and protection can be found in some products today. None of us want to sacrifice styling for performance, right? AVS ventvisors do a great job at providing vehicle protection along with vehicle styling. AVS ventvisors are built with quality and have made a reputable name for themselves in the automotive industry. They offer exterior and interior automotive accessories for nearly any vehicle on the road today.

Have you ever driven you vehicle while it's hot and raining? I'm sure most of us have. The rain prevents us from rolling our windows down to get some fresh air. Not many of us want to turn the air conditioning on either. AVS ventvisors solve this problem and look good doing it! While driving, we can open up our window and be protected by the AVS ventvisor. The AVS ventvisor is constructed of premium grade acrylic which will stand up to extreme high temperatures and will not fade over time. All AVS ventvisor products are made for exact fitment onto the specific vehicle. There is no drilling or modification required for the installation. The ventvisor comes with 3M double-sided tape already on it for quick application.

Three different styles are offered including AVS original vent visor, AVS in-channel ventvisor and AVS low profile ventvisor. The AVS original ventvisor is installed on the outside of the door just above where the window meets the frame. The original ventvisor makes for exact fitment and can be applied within minutes. The AVS in-channel ventvisor is slightly different in that it is installed inside the window channel. This design makes for seamless installation and a clean look. The AVS low profile ventvisor are thinner and smaller than the in-channel visors but provide the same protection. They can also come equipped with chrome accents to compliment the vehicle's factory styling.

The main purpose of AVS ventvisors is for protection. In hot summer months, the car's interior tends to heat up fast, especially on black interiors. Most of us will crack out window to let some cooler air in. This will not serve well as it can attract thieves. Installing the AVS ventvisor will allow the window to be open while still protecting anything on the inside of the vehicle. They are available in either light or dark smoke to make it work with the color of the vehicle.

Hood Protection

AVS Ventvisor

Are rock chips and damage from road debris apparent on your vehicle's hood? Factory paint can sometimes be cheap. AVS ventvisors offer hood protection for this problem. An AVS bugflector is installed on the front of your hood to knock away rocks and road debris one might occur while driving. This can be crucial to maintaining the vehicle's value and keeping it look nice. One problem that occurs from highway driving is rock chips. Not only do they affect the hood, but they can hit the windshield as well. The AVS bugflector will protect against cracked windshields that can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. Some rocks could be so large that they will go through the windshield and impact the driver or passenger. An inexpensive AVS hood shield is a must. AVS hood protection comes in a few styles: AVS bugflector, AVS carflector and AVS aeroskin. They all serve the same purpose but are fitted to each specific vehicle. The aeroskin is more unique in that it conforms to the front of the hood to reduce its size. AVS bugflector sticks up from the hood, but it provides much better protection than the aeroskin. Prevent rust occurring from various rock chips with AVS hood protection.

Light Covers

Add some styling to your vehicle with AVS light covers. Available for both headlights and taillights, AVS light covers come in all different styles for certain vehicles. Produced with a dark smoke color, the headlights can either be fully covered or partially covered. Protect the headlights for everyday use and do it while making the vehicle look good. Cracked and damaged headlights can be problematic for night driving and may also warrant a ticket from local law enforcement. The AVS light covers will prevent any such thing from happening.

Interior Protection

Ever open your doors, look down at the door sill, and see a ton of scratches in the paint? AVS stepshield prevents scratches and scuffs from happening when you enter or get out of your vehicle. Too many scratches the rust from water will start to occur. The rust will eat through the clear coat and down into the sheet metal of the car. At that point, there is no fixing the rust. The AVS stepshield is very easy to install as it is an overlay for the existing surface. No drilling or modification is needed .This can be replaced over and over again as well.