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Automotive Exterior Accessories

Automotive Exterior Accessories

Body kits and spoilers are some of the most sought after products in today's aftermarket automotive industry. The styling factor that most car enthusiasts are after can be applied in many different ways. This aftermarket industry sky rocketed after The Fast and the Furious first came out. Hood scoops, body kits, spoilers, carbon fiber, bumpers, mirrors, and grilles can all be found in the aftermarket automotive exterior market. The outside of an enthusiast's vehicle shows a lot of the owner's personality.

The first thing that catches someone's eye on a car is what's on the outside. Someone may notice the wheels and others may notice the front bumper. Parts like these can be purchased in so many different styles today. Body kits enhance the look of a vehicle and almost always include a full replacement of the vehicles front and rear bumper, including side skirts. They make it appear more aggressive and enhance the existent factory body lines. These automotive replacement kits can be found in carbon fiber, fiberglass, ABS plastic, and polyurethane. Not all manufacturers produce their kits in each one of these options, though. With so many different materials offered, which exterior body kit is right for you? Fiberglass is typically the most common found. The one good quality about fiberglass is the ease of making it and low cost of buying which appeals to those looking for inexpensive exterior styling modifications. Although inexpensive, fiberglass isn't very flexible. This makes the product difficult to install. ABS plastic on the other hand, is very user friendly and easy to install. It is very flexible and will conform to nearly anything. ABS plastic is actually used by some car manufacturers for their automotive exterior body parts like fenders and bumpers. Polyurethane exterior styling body kits has its pros and cons as well. These kits are more expensive than fiberglass, have better fit, but tend to be on the heavy side. This wouldn't fare well for someone who is looking to drop weight from their vehicle. Carbon fiber exterior body kits and spoilers offer very light weight and strong products. Pricey for most, but those with weight and quality in mind should opt for this. The carbon fiber look is also a very much sought after product of enthusiasts today.

Automotive spoilers aren't just for the trunk as many would assume. This exterior styling modification includes rear trunk spoilers and front and rear lower bumper spoilers. Along with styling, they also serve as a purpose. Automotive trunk spoilers are manufactured out of a few different materials including carbon fiber, fiberglass and aluminum. Aside from enhancing the exterior of the vehicle, these automotive wings provide down force. Down force is achieved when going fast, typically anything over 100mph. It takes a lot of speed to generate this force. The spoiler will help the car maintain traction around turns. An automotive trunk spoiler is almost a must for anyone who takes their car to the track. Lower front and rear bumper spoilers also enhance the look of the car's exterior. Like a body kit, they provide a more aggressive look with some function to it as well. When going at high speeds, the lower front bumper spoiler will create down force and keep the front of the car on the ground. These exterior styling spoilers are also found in fiberglass and ABS plastic much like the body kits. Unlike body kits, front and rear lower spoilers are add-ons to the factory bumpers.

Styling the outside of your vehicle allows for lots of creativity. Aftermarket hoods and doors can prove themselves in a number of ways. These hoods are offered in carbon fiber and some are even vented. The purpose of the vents is to provide more air into the engine compartment. Whether your goal is for speed or styling, an aftermarket hood can be a great addition to the exterior of your vehicle. Carbon fiber is super light and strong making for a weight loss. A lighter car hood combined with more air for the engine can prove itself on the track or drag strip. Lamborghini doors have been a solid exterior styling modification for car enthusiasts across the world. These doors are sold in kits and require some cutting and fabrication of the existing car door to make them work. Once installed, flip them up just like you see on a Lamborghini! These doors are great for car shows as well.

Adding a set of wheels can really set your car off. It is a great way to customize the car to your liking. The aftermarket wheels industry is spread throughout the world including Japan. Customized by the color, wheel spoke and size, adding a set of aftermarket wheels will bump your car from average to awesome. Whether you need a set strictly for the track, or to roll down the street with, the options are endless. As with all exterior styling modifications, price plays a factor. Wheels can cost as low as $600, and as much as 3K, if not more! Automotive wheels are like sneakers in that they complete the look. What good is that body kit and spoiler without a nice looking set of aftermarket wheels?

The front grille is like a billboard for cars. It lets others around know what kind of car it is and usually what make. As car enthusiasts, some like to replace the front grill in many different ways. This gives the front end of the car a unique look and could sometimes increase the air flow into the engine bay. Aftermarket exterior styling grilles can be found in aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, and chrome. Many of these grilles are universal and can be used on certain vehicles with minor adjustments.