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K&N Filter Cleaning

K&N filter cleaning

When using a K&N air filter, it is recommended to use their cleaning kit. Since K&N filters are washable and reusable, they must be oiled after they have been cleaned. The oil keeps the filter moist and able to trap harmful contaminants that may affect engine performance.

Their products are made with a high quality media that can be washed and reused as many times as needed. However, they do not require servicing for at least 50,000 miles on street driven vehicles. The K&N recharge kit has everything needed to properly clean and reinstall the air filter.

If the filter is not properly cleaned, it could lead to failure and harmful contaminants will escape into the engine. The K&N cleaning kit is perfect for their motorcycle filters and air intake filters. The recharger filter kit works on every product they sell and it does not matter what the shape or size is.

If the filter is not dry enough, the K&N recharge kit will not work to its best ability. It should be dry to the touch before applying any oil. The special media that K&N uses is the only material that requires the K&N cleaning kit. No other kit will work on their specific parts.

The kit is cheap and will make the filter last even longer than expected. Do not bother trying to wash it with soap and water because it will not work. The oil that they provide is a must to keep harmful contaminants away from the intake manifold.