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K&N 57 Series Fuel Injection Performance Kits

K&N automotive air intake systems

The K&N 57 series air intake are built for many different vehicles that produce more horsepower with increased acceleration. These air intakes have a specific design for each vehicle that is designed to provide the best possible air flow while decreasing any possible restrictions. The K&N FIPK intake completely replaces your current automotive air intake and uses the factory mounting holes for easy installation.

This K&N intake comes equipped with a larger K&N filter that has a bigger surface area to trap more dirt and debris while still maintaining optimum air flow and engine protection. The service life still remains the same and can last up to 100,000 miles before needing to be cleaned and re-oiled. K&N air intakes also utilize a heat shield to protect from heat soak and the engine will perform much better when it is fed cooler air.

There are no restrictions involved with these performance air intakes. The inside of the intake piping is smooth and allows the air to travel at the fastest rate. Any restrictions would rob the engine of horsepower and slow the vehicle down. The K&N FIPK air intake piping is made from high density polyurethane which reduces turbulence and is very flexible.