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K&N 57i Performance Induction Kit

K&N automotive air intake systems kits

The K&N 57i Performance Induction Kit is a compact performance air intake. Owners will get the performance from a typical K&N air intake, but just in a smaller size that is custom fit to your specific vehicle. The K&N 57i air intake is a great and affordable way of adding horsepower and torque to your vehicle's engine. You can also get rid of your current factory air box as this KN intake completely replaces it.

The compact size of this K&N intake makes it very appealing to users who do not have a lot of room in the engine bay nor the time to tear off the front bumper to install it. The induction kit is much smaller than your average K&N air intake or cold air intake and lighter as well. Other aftermarket air intakes add more weight and can be bulky. Depending on your vehicle, this K&N performance intake is directly attached to your engine carburetor, throttle body or indirectly through the provided intake hose.

The economy sized induction kit will provide your engine with cooler air along with quality filtration since it comes with a K&N oversized air filter. It will collect more dust and debris and maintain long service intervals. This air filter can last up to 100,000 miles before needing to be cleaned.

Upgrading to this street legal intake is the first step in adding more power to your engine and is the most bang-for-your buck performance part available. Anyone can install this as well so you can experience the power and sound immediately.