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K&N 63 Series AirCharger High Performance Air Intakes

K&N 63 Series AirCharger High Performance Air Intakes

The K&N 63 series air intake is the sister of the K&N 77 series air intake. This performance air intake is designed for many different vehicles that replace your current air box and boost horsepower along with acceleration. The molded intake tubes are crafted to keep the air temperature down while decreasing the intake sound over a metal tube. If you are looking for a quitter sound while driving, this aftermarket air intake is for you.

K&N intakes come with their proven K&N air filter to protect your engine even better. Adding the filter alone would benefit your engine, but adding the entire air intake system is the first step to adding horsepower to your vehicle. The isolated K&N filter also helps deliver cooler air and prevents hot air from entering the K&N intake.

The KN air intake is better than other air intakes due to the design of where it is installed and how well is draws in air for the engine. You can expect large amounts of horsepower gains from the KN 63 series AirCharger intake.

If you want to make your vehicle faster than others, adding this KN air intake is the first step. By freeing up air in this location of the vehicle, the engine can then make more power when other parts are added like performance exhausts and headers. K&N air intakes look great under the hood as well for those who like to show off their vehicle.